About Us

Kento Food Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Kento Food Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a company with state of art processing and manufacturing of spices and various food products equipped with modern and hi-tech imported plant and machineries and with 30 years experienced team in Spices & Food Products for Indian and International market.

Kento Food is a processor, manufacturer and exporter of whole spices, high aroma ground spices and various healthy food products. Kento Food produces all spice and food products with most hygienic way with the help of modern and sophisticated machineries to keep the original taste of each individual product.

Kento Food product range encompasses the entire spectrum of whole spices, Ground spices and seasonings processed and blended as per the customized requirements of the customer. We have a strong skilled food technologist team to create unique spice blends, seasonings and curry powders & masalas as per the specific application requirements of our customers. We help you with ingredient solutions that enhance taste profiles, more convenient, ensure product safety and stability while assuring quality and most importantly saving costs. We are a world-class processor and exporter of variety of customized spices, spice blends and Seasonings solutions to the discerning customers from the various foods industries all over the world.


Our Products

  • Spices
  • Indian Staples
  • Indian Veg. Masala
  • Indian Non-Veg Masala
  • Cereal
  • Flour
  • Pickle - Pulp
  • Rice

Kento Packaging

We do all packing in consumer with labeling & bar-coding 100g, 200g, ,500g, 1kg,2kg,5kg,10kg & 20-25kg bulk packing.

Kento Factory

Kento Food have in house complete imported plant & machineries with most advanced technology for each processing systems like Cleaning Machine, De-stoner, aspirators, spirals, sieves, Magnetic separator, Sotex, Dryer, Grader, Microwave Sterilizer, Roaster, Grinder, Micro fine Grinder, Filling machine, Packing Machine, Bag Closure ,Vacuum Packing Machine, Printing Machine, Lifter Crane etc.

Kento Testing Lab

Our in-house physio-chemical and microbiology laboratories with state-of-the-art instruments and qualified personnel ensure high precision testing and results. A 100% score in various IP (International Proficiency) tests conducted by independent international authorities substantiates our claims of high-precision and accurate in-house analysis.
Having rigorous policies and procedures in place, we ensure that all our products and services meet the customer’s specifications for consistent, reliable and safe food ingredients.
We have Allergen Management and Environment Monitoring Systems in place for an effective quality control.

Kento is Exporter - Importer of Spices and Food Products

Kento Food is BRC and ISO22000 certified and HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL procedures & norms have been implemented.